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Kayak Basic Rescue Kit


Every Kayaker should have a basic rescue kit to help get themselves, their kayak or their mate out of trouble.

Your kit should be kept in your life jacket pockets in case you get separated from your kayak and need it.

 All kayakers should have a throwbag on their waist at all times, for basic rescues.  A knife and a whistle is also a must have peice of gear.  See Related Products listed below.

The rope you carry in your throwbag should be a suitable length and breaking strain to deal with a whitewater rescue.  Otherwise a second rope should be carried.

This basic kit can assit with unpinning a kayak and setting up a number of rescues.

All rescue techniques should be learnt from trained professionals and practiced often.



  • 4 Omega Standard Locking Carabiners
  • 2 BlueWater Rescue Pullies
  • 4m of 6mm Prussic Cord
  • 5m of 25mm webbing 



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