Astral Rassler 2.0 Water Shoe- Unisex

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Our best choice for hard-core river users.

The top choice for hardcore river users and whitewater boaters, Astral has designed the Rassler 2.0 for unmatched performance during paddling,  fishing, canyoning and traveling.

The original Rassler earned Astral serious river cred; drawing accolades as Men’s Journal’s Best Paddling Shoe and Field & Stream’s 2017 Fishing Gear of the Year.

The revamped Rassler 2.0 will dominate the game again as an exceptionally grippy and rugged, yet lightweight shoe that dries fast and drains quick.

The sole is redesigned for improved durability. The mid-cut upper provides extra protection and support. 

Astral CEO & Founder, Philip Curry says,

“The Rassler, with its amazing wet grip, ultra-lightness, ankle support and good looks has been one of Astral’s most beloved shoes since 2013. For its second version, our sole focus was to make it more durable.” 

The unisex Rassler 2.0 brings style to the river in typical Astral fashion. Enhanced padded ankle and internal heel counters provide increased support during long walks on rugged terrain, while TPU reinforcements outside and rigid toe-counter inside protect the foot. The uppers dry fast and the midsoles drain excess water. The Balanced Geometry™ midsole places heel and ball at the same level for balance and agility.


  • Uppers: Hydrophobic, Quick-Dry Canvas with Airmesh tongue, TPU reinforcements at Toe and heel with internal counters, built-in Polygiene-treated sockliner.
  • Midsole: Level heel to ball, medium arch, roomy toebox, made from EVA
  • Outsole:™ rubber, high surface-contact, razor-siped, and non-marking.
  • Foot to Ground Distance: 17mm heel, 16mm ball
  • Fit: True to size (Up to D width)
  • Balanced Geometry™: Places heel and ball at same level for balance and agility in extreme places.
  • Enhanced Support: Padded ankle and internal heel counters provide increased support during long walks in rugged terrain.
  • Super Sticky:™ non-marking rubber with high surface contact - for excellent traction in gorges.
  • Protection: TPU reinforcement outside / rigid toe-counter inside.
  • Quick Dry and Drain: Uppers dry fast and midsoles drain excess water.