World Rafting Championships - Tully River, Qld, Australia. May 2019

World Rafting Championships - Tully River, Qld, Australia. May 2019

World Rafting Championships 

Hosting the 2018 Pre-Worlds and the 2019 Worlds is the deserved and fitting tribute to the Tully River, the world class location, and the world famous rapids. It is the 30+ years of rafting, the 30+ years of rafters, the local community, the traditional owners and custodians's legacy!

The International Rafting Federation R6 Pre-World Rafting Championship 
  • Dates: 9 - 13 May 2018
  • Location: Tully River, Tully Gorge National Park, Queensland, Australia
  • Event Organisers: Australian Rafting Federation (ARF)

This event is a build up event to the 2019 IRF World Rafting Championships - R6 (6 person rafts) 

It also serves as the Australian National Selection Trails for the 2019 Worlds also at the same venue May 2019.

Big Water Safety Equipment is a proud supporter of these amazing events.

Proudly supporting the World Rafting Championship Pre-Worlds 2018

This event is FREE for spectators with excellent river access points along the mighty Tully River to ensure viewing vantage points.

Anyone in the Far North Queensland region, locals and visitors alike should take advantage of this awesome event. Tully River rafting’s unique attribute is its ability to immerse you within an ancient rainforest environment while you indulge nature and the adventures.

The Tully River White Water Rafting Championships provide participants and spectators with the opportunity to experience the ultimate adventure in Nature’s playground.

Big Water is excited! We'll be there and available to answer any questions and help anyone wanting to get into the sport of extreme whitewater boating whether it be raft or kayak. 

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Pre-Worlds 2018 Australia Info Pack

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Big Water Proudly Supports the Rafting Championships