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Water Shoes

Better When Wet: Shoes for Water Activities

Worn to work, worn on the trail, in the drink, hang out to dry and repeat. 

With an Astral Model for every occasion;

Model             Intended Use

Brewer-  Watersports, Traveling, Rock Scrambling
Loyak- Water, Casual, Boat, Travel
Porter- Boat, Water, Casual, Travel
Hiyak- Water, Boat
Filipe/Rosa Thongs- Casual, Water, Boat, Travel
Hemp- Performance Casual/Trail
Mary Jay- Water, Casual, Travel, Boat
TR1 Mesh- Water, Light Hiker
TR1 Junction- Light Hiker, River
TR1 Trek- Light Hiker, Canyoning
TR1 Merge- Hiking

Rassler-hard-core river users, whitewater boaters